About Me

Well hello there!

Welcome to my little blog where I write about life, love, and following my dreams. 

With my other half, my sister (I'm the less cute one on the left)

Ha, I'm kidding, I couldn't keep a straight face typing that.

What I really write about is how I'm trying to get and stay in shape, travel as much as I can even though I am dirt poor, my love life failings, and any other mind-dump type things I think of.

My name is Carlye and I am a twentysomething assistant teacher living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. 

I have loved Jackie Kennedy for almost five years now and it was a love affair that began with a beastly biography that launched into scholarly work, presenting a paper at a national convention, a personal obsession (my Jackie collection could land me on the next episode of Hoarders), and ultimately, this blog.

Jackie Kennedy, former First Lady, fashion icon, and national symbol of elegance and grace, represents everything I try to emulate in my daily life. She was composed, diplomatic, and brilliant. Not to mention she was gorgeous, dressed impeccably, and never fell down in public. These are all traits I would like to possess someday. I think to myself daily, "What Would Jackie Do." I firmly believe that Jackie wouldn't take selfies, so I use that to justify why I never take them (but really, I'm just too awkward to look cute in a selfie).

So grab a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and stay a while. I hope to give you a laugh, maybe something to relate to, and if nothing else, there are embarrassing pictures on here, so that's gotta be good for something, right?