Friday, May 9, 2014

Facts on Friday

Happy freakin’ weekend, y’all. It’s been a doozy of a week for me, so I am thrilled to finally be on my own time.

I’ve recently been getting a little bit more traffic thanks to a shoutout from the ever-badass Jen, so I thought I’d do a little truth telling to catch my new BFFs up on who I am and what I’m about.

1.     I am very loud. I talk loud, I whisper loud, I cry loud, I laugh loud.  As a child (and high schooler…) I had more than one teacher tell my parents at parent-teacher conferences that, “Carlye has two volumes: loud and louder.”

2.     I get irrationally angry about irrationally stupid things.  If there are no “good” parking spots left in my complex’s parking lot, I become enraged. If the locker I always use at the gym is already taken by the time I get there, I enter my workout in a funk. If my roommate gets in the shower right before I was going to, I curse him into oblivion in my head.

3.     My sister and I can speak to each other entirely in Friends quotes. It is my favorite show. My sister is also my best friend.

4.     I am fiercely loyal and desperately over-protective. The mama bear of my friend groups and an obnoxious older sister, I refuse to tolerate any of my babies getting hurt. If you hurt my friends or my sister, you’d best run. Run away and never return (NAME THAT MOVIE!).

5.     If I had a TV alter ego, it would be a cross between Monica from Friends, Leslie from Parks and Rec, Nick Miller from New Girl, and Miranda from Sex and the City. I know everybody hates Miranda, and I used to as well. Then I graduated college and realized that she is my spirit animal. I’ve embraced it now.

6.     I don’t share food. Do you watch Friends? I am a little bit like Joey…”JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” If I paid for it, I am going to eat it and you can get your own. Lord help my roommates when they eat my food out of the fridge, since their lives are in danger.

7.     I have issues letting go of things, especially plans/ideas. If I want something and the store I went to doesn’t have what I want in my size/color, I will drive all over the metro area until I locate the thing I want. I will move mountains to keep plans. I latch on to something and refuse to let go.

8.     I love Myers-Briggs personality tests and enjoy thinking about what personalities the people I know have. I then judge them based on what I think they are. Like, “Oh, Dana is being such an E right now,” or “Mom really needs to tone down the J or I’m going to scream.” For the record, I’m an ENFJ.

9.     I am super close with my parents. I tell them almost everything and this weirds some people out. If I had a nickel for every time I told someone that I told my parents something and they responded, “You told your parents that?!?” I’d… have a lot of nickels.

10. Sometimes I refer to bloggers I have never met as my friends.

11. Most of my friends and family do not know that I have a blog.

12. I love school, always have, always will. That’s probably why I’m a teacher and going back to school for a Masters this fall.

13. I don’t have any problems that a good cry, some ice cream, and reading Harry Potter won’t fix.

14. I am probably the cheapest person you have ever met. Sister doesn’t throw money around and I very rarely buy “new” clothes. This being said…

15. I am a whore for a good thrift store. I love thrifting more than eating Chinese food in bed while watching a Ryan Gosling movie (which is saying something as that is one of my favorite pastimes).

16. I love babies. If I see one in public, I can’t help but make faces at it and wave and go all crazy-baby-lady. I have no desire to have my own baby now, but you’d best believe that if we ever meet, I WILL make friends with your baby before I make friends with you. I also awkwardly linger waiting to hold people’s babies and then become a baby hog. Once someone gives me a hit of that sweet smelling head and those kissable chubby cheeks, I ain’t letting go.

17. I make friends with random people everywhere I go. Seriously, I struggle when I make friends with people on planes and then have to say, “bye, have a nice life” a mere three hours later. I have inherited the gift of gab from my Gram and it’s something that I utilize on the regular, much to everybody else’s chagrin.

18. Also, I like fancy words like chagrin and juxtaposition.

19. Because of that, I kinda liked studying for the verbal section of the GRE. I’m also a nerd.

20. I have a very high pain tolerance thanks to my many injuries over the years.

21. But when I’m sick, I turn into the world’s biggest baby. I cannot fend for myself and I lie on the couch and cry when I get the sniffles.

22. I am absurdly stubborn; “obtuse” has been thrown around some as well. I prefer to do things on my own terms, and if you suggest something to me, I will probably reject it just to be difficult.

23. I am an early riser and a morning person. Can’t remember the last time I slept past 9:30. I am one of those annoying peppy happy morning people too, which makes me even more insufferable if you are not feeling it before 11:00 am.

24. I have anxiety and began taking medication for it in college. Through lots of trial and error, I have figured out what some of my triggers are and have learned how to manage the anxiety and keep it at bay. It’s something I live with and struggle with from time to time, but it has also forced me to tear down some of my own stereotypes.

25. Anxiety is something I rarely talk about, but want to talk about more. The social stigma and lack of discussion about mental health is detrimental to our society and is something I want to help change.

26. I am very anal when it comes to organization. I love anything color-coded or alphabetized. I bought a label maker not too long ago and it changed my life. Planners light my world on fire.

27. I serve on my church’s Youth Committee and help mentor and support the tweens and teens in my community. This also lights my world on fire.

28. I don’t think about faith much, but in the last year, I have started thinking about it more and more and have been really wanting to explore my faith (or lack there of). I am very turned off by the idea of “religion” as it seems to be used as a way to persecute people or justify atrocities, but lately I’ve been seeing new sides of faith. This excites me.

29. I was crying during my first kiss. I wish it was because the kiss was so gloriously romantic but it wasn’t. I was crying because I had burrs stuck in my hair and thought I was going to have to shave my head to get them out. I think he kissed me just to stop me from crying about something so stupid.

30. I have voted in every election I have been eligible for.

31. My first ever vote was for Barack Obama in 2008. I stand with him still.

32. I love cheese and believe that of all foods deemed unhealthy, cheese is the hardest to give up. Cheese is worth being fat for.

33. I swear a lot. I have a horrible potty mouth, but as a teacher, it gets stuffed out all day. That means that when the bell rings, all bets are off and I can curse like a damn sailor all fucking night.

34. I take things personally. I try not to, I really do. But if I find myself being criticized for anything, I can’t help but feel like it is a personal attack. I know this isn’t good and I’m working on it.

35. I come alive at sporting events. Any sport, any venue, and I’m fully committed. I am in my happy place when I am watching sports and in my element when I am screaming at a referee (or opposing team. Or opposing fans. Whatever).

36. I’m obsessed with scarves. I realized not too long ago that I wear a scarf almost everyday. Not sure how that happened, but this is a true story.

37. I bought my first ever bottle of perfume on Tuesday.

38. One of my favorite things in life is getting lost in a good book.

39. I can’t stand it when people don’t straighten out their shower curtains. Do you WANT to have mildew and mold? Spread that bad boy out once you get out of the shower, it seriously takes 7 seconds.

40. I tried going to therapy once in college and it wasn’t for me. After compiling this list of facts, I’m thinking I should reconsider that decision because I obviously have issues.

Well there you have it. 40 things you didn’t really care to know about me, but now you do. #41 should be that I excel at writing about myself.

Have a fantastic weekend!!