Monday, May 12, 2014

A love letter to my knee

Dear Right Knee,

We’ve been through a lot together, you and me. We ran a marathon, got a steroid injection, and won a state championship. You bend hundreds of times everyday so that I can teach my students effectively.  You are a rock star on the daily and I don’t give you the love and attention you need to function normally.

In order to take better care of you, I went to see my new BFF, my physical therapist. She showed me how the way I run and the things I do cause you to break from the inside out. Our little friend, Right Meniscus, is fighting a losing battle to not snap in half thanks to the way I pound on you day after day on pavement or the treadmill.

I have some new exercises to do now that will help me learn how to move my body better so that you don’t swell up like an angry balloon every time I make you run more than a mile. Tomorrow, I’m having a running assessment done, where my BFF will tape me running and analyze the ways I’m hurting you and then give me some solutions that will help me in the long term. Because I don’t want to put us through cortisone injections every six months.

So Right Knee, I’m telling you that I’m in this. I’m going to work. Physical therapy is hard, it was hard even at the clinical assessment, but I’m going to work tirelessly so that I get you back on your A-game. Because I want you. All of you. You and me. Everyday.

I’ll put in the work and all I’m asking you to do is do your thing and heal up quickly. I want us to have a bright future full of uninjured soccer games, lack of doctor’s appointments, and maybe a few more 26.2 medals on my wall. I want us to be able to squat down and pick up future grandkids wrangle preschoolers every second of every day.

Apparently, dearest Right Knee, a lot of the issues are due to our amigo Right Hip who doesn’t want to do what he is told. He likes to force unnecessary stress on you and cause me to move my body in ways that are harmful to all my joints. He doesn’t get the support he needs from Right Butt Cheek, so I’m learning how to strengthen that as well. We need to work together, not tear each other apart (#sorrymeniscus). I’m ready to do the work, are you?

Sorry in advance for the half marathon on June 1 and the 12 miler I’m doing this weekend…

All my love,