Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Advocare 10-Day Cleanse: the beginning and middle

In an effort to finish strong with my 90 Day Challenge through Lifetime Fitness, I’m giving the Advocare 10-Day Cleanse another go round. I tried this cleanse back in November after reading about everybody and their mother doing it, and the results were non-existent. Not to say that it didn’t do anything for me, but simply that I didn’t weigh myself before and didn’t really pay much attention to tangible changes. Instead, last time I did the cleanse, I mostly focused on how I felt and what my energy was like.

I am not going to lie, I don’t know much about Advocare and I’m not a distributer for them. I found the cleanse through Skinny Meg and Holly and bought it on a whim #impulsiveshopper

It’s a pretty simple cleanse: you simply eat “clean” and take a couple supplements for 10 days. It supposedly clears toxins out of your system, but I have found that the cleanse helps me check in with my nutrition and refocus on the crapola I shove in my pie hole.

So what is “clean eating”??? Again, I’m no expert and certainly not a salesperson or nutritionist, but I have taken that to mean that you cut out processed foods from your diet and only consume “real” food in its purest form.

Which means eliminating all things created to make us happy/fat: dairy, sugar (refined sugar that is), alcohol, and the processed crap we eat constantly. If you are wondering about what “real food” is, I highly recommend 100 Days of Real Food. It’s a blog started by a woman who, shocker, decided to eat only “real food” for 100 days. Lisa gives a good, cost-minded analysis of our food choices and also posts some baller recipes. I’ve made her homemade granola and refried beans several times. In fact, I’m having beans and brown rice for dinner tonight.

If you are looking for a crazy juice cleanse that will cause you to drop 15 pounds in 3 days (and shit liquids until kingdom come), this is not the cleanse for you. It is definitely the right thing for me to be doing because you get to eat all the time as long as it’s unprocessed. Get at me, carrots and red peppers!

Although I’ll spare you the gory details, know that I’ve always had a sensitive stomach and so doing anything that would “cleanse” my already regularly-cleansed system sounded like the golden ticket to spending 10 days in the bathroom and having an anxiety attack when I have to poop my pants in rush hour traffic. Fear not, that was not the case for me with Advocare. I’ve heard horror stories and I think every colon is different in how they react to drinking a fiber packet and taking some cleansing pills for 10 days. As far as pooping goes, I’d call it a “gentle” cleanse and doesn’t affect my poops much. End discussion of pooping, you’re welcome.

So here’s what you get when you buy the 10-Day Cleanse system:
1.     Fiber drink: You mix this in with a liquid in the morning for days 1-3 and 8-10. I mix it in with 4 oz of orange juice (Trop50 is my favorite) and 4 oz of water. If you can get over the texture, it’s really not that bad.
2.     Herbal Cleanse packet: 3 disgusting pills the size of horse tranquilizers that you swallow before bedtime on days 1-7. This is the worst part of the cleanse for me, since I HATE swallowing pills. As a kid, my parents used to have to crush pills up and shove them into my Gogurt (anybody remember Gogurt? That was the best!) without telling me. Now, as a 24 year-old, I only buy chewable vitamins, otherwise there is no way I’d ever take ‘em.
3.     Probiotic packet: 3 probiotic pills you take on days 4-10 first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast. Not so bad, they are much smaller than The Pills That Shall Not Be Named.

So as you can probably figure out, you only take two things on any given day and the cleanse comes with a little chart so you can keep track of when you take what.

The 10-Day Cleanse is between $30 and $35 depending on shipping costs and is part of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. I don’t know if I’ll ever do this one because it would cost me almost as much as a month of student loan payments. Seriously, the kit for the 24-Day is over $200 and I don’t have that kind of money right now.

In typical me fashion, I forgot to weigh in on Sunday before starting the cleanse on Monday, but I did weigh in yesterday morning at 5:45 am for the 90-Day Challenge Tuesday weigh-in. I would post my results from last Tuesday and this Tuesday so that you could do some tricky math and figure out about where I was on Monday morning, but I don’t think anybody cares. And my weight was EXACTLY the same, which considering how much damage I did on Easter Sunday, I am considering a victory of epic proportions.

Here are my stats as of Tuesday April 22:

WEIGHT: 167.5 lbs
PBF: 27.0
BMI: 27.0

I will be weighing in again next Tuesday and will also check my weight on Wednesday April 29 when the cleanse is over.

As hard as it is to resist all the deliciousness all around me, I really do love how I feel when I’m eating clean. I think I have more energy (although it could be a placebo effect) and I feel healthier and less bloated. I recommend the cleanse if you are looking to jumpstart your weight loss or refocus your nutritional habits.

One of my friends is an Advocare distributer, so you should totally check her out and she can hook ya up if you’re interested in any of the Advocare products! Her Advocare ID is 140165051.

If you have any questions about the cleanse or what I’m eating, feel free to shoot me an email!!

(PS- Sorry that this post was so linky. I hate it when people post something masquerading as a blog post but is really just a series of links to other stuff)

Have any of you done Advocare before? What were your experiences like?