Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break in DC…nerd style

What, you mean Washington DC isn’t a destination spring break hotspot?!? Aw man, somebody would have told me, I wouldn’t have spent all this time workin’ on ma’ fitness. Just kidding. That was super lame.

Anywho, I’m heading our East for a solo trip to Washington DC and I cannot.freaking.wait. This has been a long winter, and even with two weeks in Europe, Minnesota weather has been getting to me in the seasonal affective disorder sense (self-diagnosed, per usual).

Anyone who knows me knows I love history. One of my two SUPER USEFUL majors from college and one of my strongest passions is American history, so I am beyond stoked to go out to DC (only my second time on the East Coast and first by myself). After two weeks of intense travel with my family, I am very excited to be on my own agenda, doing only the things I want to do, and skipping everything I’m not interested in. And you know what that means? Security is going to have to pry me, bawling like a psychopath, off Jackie’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery. SO STOKED.

Literally got sent this picture from a friend I hadn't talked to in a while saying, "where am I?"...

And I responded, "Standing next to the grave of the most amazing woman in history."

Here’s what I have on my loose agenda thus far:

-White House tour that my roomie is pulling strings to get me (holla for knowing semi-important people)

-Breakfast with Senator Al Franken and Capital tour

-Smithsonian American History Museum

-Holocaust Museum (WITH MY BFFFFFFFF!!!!)


-Running on the Mall

-Portrait Gallery

-Any other Smithsonian I damn well please

-Going out with my sister’s best friend, who I’m staying with for the first part of my trip

-Staying with my aunt and uncle in Maryland (WITH MY BFFFFF!!!!!) and exploring Maryland

-Reading in cafés and doing a solid amount of people watching

-Sharing a bed with my BFF and giggling until late at night like the good old days

-Speaking of that, quality time with my BFF who I haven’t seen since JULY 7. Ridiculously excited to see her pretty face!

BFFs circa 2007?

Anybody have any DC suggestions? I’m always down for good places to eat or nice places to walk around!