Monday, March 3, 2014

March Favorite Things

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Without further ado...

(ONE) Gilligan and O’Malley lounge pants                        treat yo self

These are my new favorite kind of lounge/sweat pants. They are so soft, cozy, and cute. Let’s just say I put them on within five minutes of being in my apartment for the night. I want to hoard them, hoard them all.

(TWO) Hubby Jack’s Blog Attack                                    treat yo self

This last month, my little bloggity got a facelift due to the talented Chris Stanfield, better known around the blogosphere as Hubby Jack. He is the husband of one of my favorite bloggers, Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally. He is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and did exactly what I asked him to do and took my “vision” and made it a reality. I really like the new design and I think it’s a little more user friendly. Check him out!!

(THREE) Tek Gear running pants                        treat yo self

I bought these pants on a lark at Kohls, also known as my mom had 30% off and offered to buy my stuff and let me pay her back. With the frigid ass temps here in Minnesnowta, I am needing some more running pants for outside runs. They stay up when I run and even have some extra material around the waist that makes me look skinnier. I wish I had bought a couple of pairs, since they were relatively inexpensive!

(FOUR) Merona wallet                                                treat yo self

Up until last week, I had had the same wallet since my sophomore year of high school. Pathetic, I know. I’d been eyeing this Merona wallet at Target and then lo and behold, I found it at the thrift store with the tag still on it, in perfect condition. It was only $2 holla! I love all the credit card slots, the compartment for my check book (because I’m secretly 73, remember? I still write checks), and the separate compartment for money. The only downer is that it doesn’t have a pouch for change, but for $2, it’s good enough for me. I have the navy one, but they have a bunch of other cute colors too.

(FIVE) Millie

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I had a new quasi niece born last week!  My cousins had their second baby, Millie, and she is perfection. I’m obsessed and totally in love. I got to go to the hospital the night she was born and meet her—holding an hours-old baby is no joke! That was the newest baby I had ever seen, let alone held and smooched and loved on. I spent most of this weekend with them, and I’m proud to say that Millie is starting to look like me! She has TONS of dark straight hair (Wesley had blonde/red curls) and brown eyes. She’s a total beauty. The fam is tired but great. Last night I had one of the best auntie moments yet, holding Millie snuggled to my chest with one arm and eating an ice cream sandwich with the other. It’s crazy how much my Grinchy heart grew after Wesley was born and I felt it expand again last week with Millie’s birth.

(SIX) Think Thin bars                                    treat yo self

I leave my house before 7:00 in the morning and don’t eat lunch until 1:15 when our kids have nap time, so I get ravenously hungry in the morning and Think Thins have become my savior. I love that they are gluten free, sugar free, and chalked full of protein. They are a perfect snack for me, plus they taste like candy which lawd knows makes me happier than it should. They are a little on the pricey side for snack bars, but totally worth it.

(SEVEN) Brooks Ghost 6 running shoes                        treat yo self

As I wrote about here, I recently got some new running shoes. I joined the Brooks family and could NOT be happier. I LOVE my Ghost 6s. They are the first running shoes in over five years that I haven’t needed my Superfeet insoles in, since they are just that badass. My arches feel supported and save for one blister (probably just from breaking them in), I’ve had no problems so far and have already logged a bunch of miles in them. Better yet, they have pretty good traction, so I don’t slip around when I run outside on the solid sheet of ice that is the Twin Cities.

(EIGHT) Trader Joes Powerberries                                    treat yo self

These are my new obsession. I could probably eat a bag in one sitting and luckily (unluckily?), I live across the street from Trader Joes so they are just a few steps away from my door. They are pretty good for you in terms of chocolate covered treats, and they are soooooo delish. And cheap. I’m obsessed. Go get yo self some ASAP!