Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The 90 Day Challenge and my wake-up call

This is a kind of spontaneous post, as there has been a recent development in my fitness/health life. As some of you know from this post, I recently joined Lifetime Fitness and today I was suckered into signing up for the 90 Day Challenge.

Reasons that convinced me that this was a good idea:

1.     It’s cheap (there’s $25 I probably won’t see again)

2.     You get perks (misleading, since I thought that I might actually get some personal training sessions or nutrition consultations for free, but it’s just 25% off. Still hella expensive for somebody to yell at you and tell you that you’re fat. There are also sessions and “Try It Tuesday” events you can go to. But no free shirt. I’m not impressed, Lifetime, not impressed)

3.     It’s a group thing (I’m kind of gym-shy, so I doubt I’ll be making new friends while I weep over the scale every Tuesday)

4.     You have a chance to win $10,000 (like I could ever actually win. I wish. There are way fitter/richer/less busy people at my gym who will go and kill it for three months and blow me out of the water)

5.     It’s a little push, some structured goals, and a little extra motivation to get on track (this is the only reason I found good enough to sign up)

So I went and weighed in after work today and I am still feeling a little upset and emotional about what I found out. I was shocked by my numbers, and NOT in a good way. I don’t weigh myself often, I’ve always been decently fit, super athletic, and able to gain muscle like a boss. I usually don’t go by the scale, because I have had a Body Fat Percentage (BFP) of like 21% and weighed 160 lbs and worn a size 4. I tend to be “heavier” when I am at my fittest, because as most of us know, muscle weighs 3 times more than fat.

This was NOT how my weigh-in went. First of all, I got two (attractive) men weighing me in. So I was already self-conscious. And then, I got my period this morning and feel like a bloated beluga whale. I then had to tell that to aforementioned attractive trainers as I stood on the scale trying to puzzle out my horrendous weigh-in numbers and percentages.

I’ve debated whether or not I wanted to even post the numbers since I am embarrassed, but I try to keep it real on this lil’ blog, so I am going to share a low point with you, dear readers, and the whole world wide web.

Tuesday February 11, 2014:
-Weight: 179.7 lbs
-Body Fat Percentage: 32.4%

I’m not so upset about the number on the scale but with this BFP number. That is 10% (about 22 lbs) higher than the “healthy” range. Healthy for my height (5’6”) is around 22%.

How this is possible is beyond me. I’ve always been a size 4/6/8 and now an 8/10 and steadily rising. I feel like I’m eating better than ever before (fewer carbs, less ice cream, more mindfulness) but weigh more than I ever have. I ran a marathon and lost no weight (in fact, I gained some). I work out 5-7 times per week, doing a mix of cardio, weight lifting, and circuit training. So what gives?!?

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I actually stopped writing this post and cried a little about how disappointed I am with myself. Also, as much as I love weight loss blogs and before/after pictures, I never wanted to become a weight loss or fitness blogger, since there are already a billion more fabulous and qualified ladies out there writing about such topics. Also, I don’t really like talking about my struggles, but I realize that this is a great outlet for me to process my “fitness journey” as you fitness bloggers call it. So please don't judge me for my lack of motivational quotes or expertise on the subject. Okay, moving on)

Rather than mope and be down-and-out (which let’s be real, is how I feel), I’ve decided to hop on the positivity train and get proactive. 

Here are the things I am doing to try to get back to a healthier BFP:

-Finish Wheat Belly and work on eliminating wheat from my diet. I’ll do another post about this later, but this is something super intriguing in terms of my chubby belly

-Get back on My Fitness Pal and start tracking err’thing I eat. Anybody else on there? Find me @carlyecurly I’m gonna need some friends…

-Eat more vegetables

-My half marathon training plan started yesterday, so I will be keeping up with our plan and working running back into my exercise routine

-Buy new running shoes. I’m currently rotating between shoes I got for free from my sister’s flat in London and the shoes I ran and trained for the Twin Cities Marathon in. Hello blisters and sore arches, I'll be showing you the door this weekend

-Weigh in every Tuesday, follow through with all 90 Day Challenge-related activities, and track progress

These are the goals that the trainer set for me, as I move towards getting back into the “healthy” range for BFP (and weight too, but like I said, I don’t care about that as much).
By May 9, 2014:
Weight: 157.1 lbs (-21.8 lbs)
BFP: 22% (-10.2%)

The 90 Day Challenge is from February 8-11 to May 8-10, so I will probably post some updates about what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. Expect an earful if I decide to cut wheat because I’m sure I’ll be a hangry witch.

Hopefully this wake-up call will be just that and not plunge me into a pit of disappointment. Has anybody out there had a similar experience with either a fitness challenge or a wake-up call???