Monday, February 3, 2014

February Favorite Things

Happy Monday, y'all!

Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Emily over at Beauty and the Greek and Kylie over at Lipgloss & Lunges, for their cool My Favorite Things link-up. Grab a button and join us! :)

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February Favorite Things

(ONE) I am Malala            treat yo self

I started this book in preparation for a retreat I facilitated over MLK weekend, and oh man, is it good. Malala is an incredible young woman with an amazing story and she is a fantastic writer. I can’t wait to read the rest of it!

(TWO) Wool socks            treat yo self

I have been obsessed with wool socks this winter, since it has been freaking freezing for months. I bought mine in bulk at Costco when one of my girlfriends brought me with her. I love the cute colors and stripes and they keep my tootsies warm! I also love Smart Wool, which I get at REI.

(THREE) Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt            

I have a serious case of yogurt ADHD, I feel like I buy a different kind every few weeks. Right now I’m on a Chobani kick, and I’m totally digging the strawberry flavor. I usually chop up some fresh strawberries to throw in there too. And apparently Greek yogurt is basically superpowers in a container?! Double score!

(FOUR) Hard-boiled eggs            

I have been super into hard-boiled eggs for the past few months. I usually have some for breakfast and another one for lunch. I am kind of protein-obsessed, but have a hard time cooking meat since the look and feel of raw meat makes me gag. Also, eggs in almost every other form make me feel sick if I have more than a few bites, but I could eat hard-boiled eggs all day, errrrr day. Not to mention, I actually know how to cook these.

(FIVE) Parks and Recreation            

This is one of my new favorite shows, I watch it every few days  every night on Netflix. One word: HILARIOUS! I love Leslie Knope and can only hope to be her when I grow up. Seriously, this show is television gold.

(SIX) Northface Arctic Parka            treat yo self

In case you haven’t noticed from my blog, the news, and the general malaise of our country right now, it is HELLA COLD. I finally ponied up this year and bought a longer parka so that my butt would be covered when I take my kids out for recess. It was super expensive but worth every.damn.penny. I am obsessed.

(SEVEN) Bloglovin’            

I realize that I’m probably four trillion years late to the Bloglovin’ party, but it makes my life so much easier! I can log on and see all my favorite blogs in one place! I joined last week, you can find me here!

(EIGHT) Aviators            treat yo self

I stepped on my sunglasses on day one of our European vacation, which with all the rain over there, didn’t matter much at all. But back in the frozen tundra, land of glaring snow and ice, my lack of protective eyewear is borderline dangerous for driving. I buy cheap sunglasses (see stepping story above) at Charlotte Russe for $5.99 a pop, and I’ve been super into aviators in the last year.

(NINE) Mint Condition Mocha            

My new favorite Caribou Coffee drank, the Mint Condition Mocha with dark chocolate. It’s super sweet, tastes great with skim milk, and is fabulous hot AND cold. With all of our cold days this months, I’ve spent a lot of time at Caribou writing and “being productive” and this is my poison of choice.