Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist, travel edition

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a travel kick as of late. Between my awesome trip to Ireland and England over Christmas and New Years and planning my solo trip to DC over spring break, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and lusting after things that will make my travels smoother and my stress levels lower. I’m linking up for a Wednesday Wishlist with Home of Malones and Pampers and Pearls with six wishlist items I want for my future travels.

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1.     Overland Donner Bag

I actually just won a bidding war for one of these bags on eBay. I discovered Overland Donners on a blog and after carrying around a small pocket-less purse that didn’t hold very many of my Will and Kate souvenirs at one time for two weeks in Europe, I decided it was time for a new travel purse. I love the compartments on the Donner, the wide strap, the water bottle pocket, the size, and the fact that it’s semi cute, rather than a hideous satchel. I also like that you can fit a lot of your stuff in it, since usually when I travel, I pack for the day and don’t come back until the night, so sister needs a lot of stuff (such as snacks). I’m supposed to get it in the mail by Tuesday, so I will post a review of it once I take it for a spin in our nation’s capital in April.

2.     Osprey Backpack

After lugging around a rolling suitcase for two weeks in Europe (sensing a theme?) in Europe and watching my sister snake through crowds with ease, I’ve decided it’s time for a hardcore and large backpacking backpack. I’ve always kind of had this fascination with rolling suitcases because they look so cosmopolitan and makes me feel like a celebrity when I roll through (get it? Get it? I made a funny pun…) the airport with my coffee and magazine.  But dear lord are they inconvenient if you move around from place to place. Lugging my 43.7lbs rolling suitcase through the crowded tube stations and streets of London was totally miserable. My sister has the Osprey and loves it. I’ve tried it on and it fits great and is actually comfortable. The hip strap and chest strap help with the posture so you don’t get sore. Plus, they come in purple!! This is what I’ll be asking for next year for Christmas!

3.     New, compact sleeping bag

My parents are camping snobs, with good reason, since they met leading canoe trips in the Boundary Waters. They have tons of gear, which is great, but a lot of it is outdated, smelly, and bulky. Not to mention their stuff is theirs, not mine. I would love to get a small, compact sleeping bag that has new down and doesn’t smell like mildew. The Northface makes a cool looking, semi-affordable sleeping bag called The Cat’s Meow. Even better, it's cut for women! I need to research sleeping bags more before I make a purchase, but it is definitely something I am lusting after. Plus it’s called The Cat’s Meow which is pretty freaking sweet.

4.     Non-leaking water bottle

This is a never-ending quest. I feel like I have tried every water bottle under the sun and every single one of them starts to leak at some point. I really liked Camelbacks for a while there, but they have leaked on important papers (also known as paychecks) one too many times. I love me a good Nalgene, but those are impossible to drink out of while driving so they are no bueno for road trips. Does anybody have a non-leaking water bottle suggestion for me???

5.     Kindle/Nook/E-reader of some kind

So I have always scoffed about Kindles since I love the smell and feel of a real book, but the more I travel the more I realize how convenient they would be. I took seven books with me to Europe. That is ridiculous and unnecessary (see weight of suitcase as listed above). But I really like to read, especially when I’m traveling, and I think it might be time to invest in something a little more lightweight that I can store, you know, seventeen trillion books on and have it still weigh less than my wallet. I hear the Kindle is the way to go, but I have no idea which one I’ll end up with. Anybody have a good or bad experience with the Kindle?

6.     Mobile charger

So I’ve been seeing these more and more and I think they are freaking brilliant. After being in Europe where I needed an adaptor and a converter to be able to charge my phone aka camera in their sockets, I’ve been thinking about buying one of these beauties. You just plug your USB charger into it and can charge it on the train. Or place. Or automobile. Must have now.

What are some of your travel must-haves? And what are you wishing for this Wednesday?