Friday, January 17, 2014

Selling Out

I am officially a sell out. I am leaving my lovely, non-profit gym full of wonderful middle-aged women and douchy (douchey?) bros I went to high school with for the for-profit-gym-rat-filled-uber-expensive Lifetime Fitness.

I’ve had a few experiences in the last few weeks that have really turned me off from my beloved YWCA. Like last week, for instance, I was mid-set on the bench press. Some douchy bro comes over, motioned for me to take out my ear bud, and proceeds to say, “Hey, are you almost done? Because I, like, really need to bench here.” I was actually in the middle of lifting the bar and couldn’t even take my ear bud out so I had to put my bar down and ask him to repeat himself. I told one of the trainers about it and she didn’t really know what to tell me. I also see bros I went to high school with (my gym is a block from my high school) almost every time I am there. I’ve been feeling weird and intimidated every time I’m there. Which considering YWCA stands for empowering women is kind of frustrating.

That combined with the fact that this gym is a 15-20 minute drive and the new one is probably 7 minutes door-to-door.

One of the main reasons I chose to join Lifetime over any other gym is that my friend Dana (also known as the friend I’m running my half marathon with) just joined this gym, leaving her YMCA for similar reasons I’m leaving mine. I have really really REALLY missed having a work out buddy. I got really spoiled in college since I lived with all my friends and was already pretty fit and since then, I have had ZERO friends who go to my gym. Lifting is not as fun or safe alone, classes are intimidating to go to by myself, and I have a tendency to skip if the only one I’m bailing on is me.

Furthermore, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a huge rut, fitness-wise/body-image-wise and really feel like I need a change. Working out with middle-aged women doesn’t challenge me the way working out with a good friend or skinny stay-at-home moms cute boys hopefully will. I’m hoping that a new, more hardcore gym will motivate me and kick my ass to get in shape. I’m excited about the different classes (ummm cardio kickboxing? Hot yoga? YES PLEASE!) and the fact that I can go to any “gold” Lifetime in the country fo’ free (if you count my hellaciously expensive membership dues).

Basically this post is me justifying to myself why I am choosing to nearly double my gym payment and sell out to the man. But really, I don’t really care that much if I sound like a pretentious ass since my new gym has a Ballet Body Fusion class. I don’t even know what that is and it sounds like something I’ll suck at, but I’m excited to find out.

So here’s to a new, super over-priced I mean obnoxiously pretentious I mean fabulous gym and hopefully a much-needed change in the routine that will lead to some much-needed change in my body satisfaction.